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        DOCUMENTA ARCHIV        

Kassel, Germany

Documenta Archiv

Museum, exhibit spaces,
congress hall, atelier, library
5,050 m2


Giovanni Zampieron 

The project is a competition for build a modern Archive in Kassel, Germany. This Archive must be included a library, exhibition area, bar cafè, restaurant, congress room and others rooms. 


The idea is to open the building connected the pedestrian street from the church and from the street perpendicular to the archive creating a public space in front of the main entrance. People are naturally tempted to enter the building through this link.


A monumental atrium inside the building and the main stairs link all of the floors from the ground floor to the fourth floor. These stairs are also public space where people can sit at the beginning or end of the flight where there is a collecting space.


The double skin outside is cor-ten with holes that allow the entry of natural light. Corten material is a special steel that has low maintenance and can protect the building from the atmospheric agents . This material is also connected with the meaning of the archive because brown color remind the history, an archive in this case. The roof is inclined for get solar radiation for use renewable energy. The main structure is reinforced concrete with pillars and load-bearing walls.

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