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        PLAÇA JOAN PELEGRÍ       


Barcelona, SPAIN


Metropolitan city of Barcelona


Urban redevelopment



3'350 m2


Completed 2018​ 


Landarq - Arquitectura y


This square is an important urban space of 'Saint' district in Barcelona, near by Plaça d'Espanya. The client, Barcelona City Council (Generalitat de Barcelona), wanted to renovated and transformed into a district  landmark. 


The main concept is to create a "promenade architecturale" with a steel structure to give comfort and shelter from the sun in summer season. The square include a playground area next to a school and residential building. The concept behind this transformation is to promote social activities and channel the flow people through different accesses. 


The key aspect of this project is sustainability: the photovoltaic panels above the corten structure of the "promenade architecturale" create enough green energy for the public illumination of the square, reducing the needs of standard electric supplies. 

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