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          NIDASILO THONEX          


Città di Ginevra

Asilo, nido, amministrazione,
cucina di regenerazione
650 m2


CLR Architectes

The kindergarten is located on the ground floor in a new real estate complex divided into three main blocks for a total of 140 apartments. ​


The idea was to create three main spaces for different groups of children (3, 4, and 5 years) for a total of about 60 children with a total area of 650 m2. ​


The interior is composed of clear surfaces that mitigate the mobile and lively furniture of the school and increase the contribution of natural light with parquet included a protective film against liquids that could damage it. 


Master colours have been used for each main space (marine blue, trifolgio green, persia red) used in damp rooms and in a part of the furniture. 


The furniture has been completely custom designed and there are more than 70 ml of furniture with some corian surfaces to ensure a more suitable hygiene. ​


The furniture in the area of 5 years was created as a "nid d'abeille", a nest of bees, which has the task of interacting with children and to train them in their education and growth in an interactive way. Niches and passages make this furniture unique and represents the symbol of a nest, a new birth and a new life.

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RDC crèche.jpg
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