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            SMART PANELS            




Turin, Lima, Melbourne, Santiago de Compostela 



Politècnica de Catalunya - ETSAB


Sebastian Dreifuss, Daniel Ugalde

This project is a research project made at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and it concerns to Smart Panels that can catch humidity transforming in water. 

There are already this kind of panels around the world, like in south of America and where it needs water. To catch humidity it needs perfect conditions and is not easy to have it every day, like an high humidity with high or low temperatures. Many times there are high humidity rates at medium temperatures and this is not a perfect condition to have a humidity. 


The innovation here is that these panels can have better conditions to catch humidity because there is inside a sustainable cooling system that makes the panel colder by approaching the perfect conditions for humidity. Panel is in steel and temperature can change easier. 

We studied four locations where this system can works and are Turin, Lima, Melbourne and Santiago de Compostela. The idea is to use these panels in rural and urban location, like in the roof of a factory where there is an extended surface that can catch a lot of humidity.

Fog collection devise
Fog collection devise
Fog collection devise
Fog collection devise
Fog collection devise
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